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Dream Dream Dreeeeam...

When I began blogging this week here at Comixpedia, I asked people to talk about where webcomics have taken your life. That discussion looked at the past, and how it led up to the present.Â

Now I'd like to take a look at the present, and discuss how it will lead to the future. Take a good look at where you are right now in webcomics, whether you are a reader or a creator. Where do you want that to go in five years? Don't hold back, go as far as your dreams take you. After all, a goal is just a dream with a timeline.

When I take a look at where I am in relation to webcomics personally, I get excited. I've been out of the community for a year finishing my degree and taking care of some other responsibilities, but now I'm getting back into things. I wanted to guest blog for Comixpedia this summer because I wanted to get to know webcomics again, where they are nowadays. I'm reading new webcomics left and right, and there is some amazing new material being created. I'm definitely inspired to keep working towards getting a new webcomic of my own launched.

My aspirations for my own future in webcomics are all over the place. I have two main webcomics I am working on building a backlog for, so that when I finally launch I have a reservoir of comics to draw from as life gets busier. In five years, I want at least one of them to still be going strong. I want to keep learning and improving as I go, both as an artist and especially as a writer. I'm looking forward to all of the creators I will meet along the way, and am hoping to get into collaborative work with some of them. More than anything, I'd love to find some way to make a significant difference to new creators as they begin exploring webcomics as a medium. Mentorship and philanthropy are very important concepts to me, and I'd love to see experienced webcomics creators do even more to give their time, experience, and resources in helping to develop new creators.USA Chicken

Also, in the next five years I am hoping to find pieces of chicken shaped like Alaska and Hawaii, to complete my collection of the USA.

'Spose it helps to have borrowed your plot

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I mean to draw Arthur, King of Time and Space till its twenty-fifth anniversary to retell the legend as well (and perhaps as only) a daily comic strip can.

In five years? Arthur ought to have consolidated his power base, in all time zones. Lancelot will have had his fall from grace and Galahad will be born, in two of the three major timezones; and in the third Guenevere will be about to start law school.

Paul Gadzikowski,
Arthur, King of Time and Space New cartoons daily

my only dream is that some

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my only dream is that some day these wasting, floppy appendages tragically destroyed by polio may some day grow strong enough to support my morbidly obese frame, and that somewhere out there, there is a woman who will overlook these things and see the caring, devoted man inside.

oh wait, webcomics? well, my dream WAS to get linked on websnark, but like all others that one had to get ripped from me as well. le sigh and sad violins. now my only hope is that someday, somehow i will piss off the guy who makes User Friendly.

PS i'm not really fat, crippled or a virgin, but if thinking those things makes you want to donate to my paypal account then don't let little piddling details stop you




my goal

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...Is to finish telling the stories I have to tell.