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Why girls?

The guys over at Gigcast did an interview with Lea Hernandez about her Women Webcomiker Grant NAN.

There’s a grant for women webcomic artists and apparently some people feel that it’s unfair that the grant is exclusively for women. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was illegal to make a grant for minorities. And DON’T try to tell me women are not a minority in comics. Even in the enlightened world of webcomics. Just look at the Iron man challenge. I was awarded the “last vagina standing”. Ew.

[Xerexes: Just a note that we also had a hefty discussion in the comments here about Lea's grant right after it was announced.]

I haven’t gone crazy feminazi in some time but I started ranting right along with Lea while listening to this podcast. This woman doesn’t rant. She is a force. She has a grand pair of testicles and dares anyone to bring theirs to the table. She’ll listen, you just have to have the balls to say it to her face. If I ever have to get into a roller derby death match then I want this woman on my side.

Has anyone seen a good

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Has anyone seen a good estimate of how many webcartoonists are female? I was under the impression that women are much better represented in the webcomic world than they are in the print comic world.

 That having been said, I don't see a problem with limiting a grant to a specific group, such as women. Â


Yes, as a matter of fact.

Actually, the results of such a poll of webcomics was posted in an article right here on Comixpedia, just last year (or earlier this year -- it would have been before the most recent format changes to the site itself). If you didn't see it the first time, try searching the site's archives.

The grant isn't about making

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The grant isn't about making webcomics specifically. It's about making comics and working on getting better at it. The easiest way to get the most people to seet and give feedback is to post it as a webcomic. From what I can tell Lea will be doing a bit of mentoring, helping these ladies get better at their craft. Maybe even to make the jump into print if they so desire. But at this point in time a webcomic is the best way to get that feedback.

Webcomics you can make and post for practically nothing. But then what? The creators chosen for this will get promoted and read. They will get feedback and use it to get better.

Anytime a group is excluded there will always be the crybabies. That's to be expected, especially on the internet. It's all the people who say women don't need or deserve to be singled out for something like this. Especially when discussing the the print comic industry.

The webcomic playing field is much more level for everyone which makes it perfect for a project like this. It's not about the cost of hosting and the money. It's not about shutting the guys out. It's really about promoting women making comics. And no matter how you look at it, that's a good thing.

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lea is pretty much free to do as she wishes with her money, What I would suggest that those who feel this particular grant is sexist against Men, that they should put up their own grant for the kind of Artists they would like to support. For the most part, we webcomic creators and Artists do this work because we love it. We're not really in it for the cash other wise we would be trying to work for Marvel, DC or other companies. Any financial perks are just gravy compared to having the ability to do the kind of work we love and enjoy. My own webcomic ( A Call to Destiny ) is done simply for the love of what I do. and If I get half the reader ship Lea did during her carreer then I would be one lucky S.O.B. So Buck up and Man up folks, Either put your money where your mouth is or Shut up.

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What is there to be upset about?

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If the purported sexism is due to the way women are seen in the world of webcomics, well that's what happens when the greater percentage of your readership is teenage male nerds.

Creating a grant is going to do jack shit about the problem, because there isn't a way to teach people manners over the internet.

You should listen to the

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You should listen to the actual interview. It was very interesting. Lea's beef is not with who reads webcomics, it's more with the way the print comics industry sees and treats women, both creaters and readers.

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"...teenage male nerds"

Oh, how I wish! About twenty years too young, my friend.

As far as I'm concerned,

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As far as I'm concerned, it's her grant, she's free to do with it as she pleases.

It's just paying for what

It's just paying for what amounts to really affordable hosting anyways, right? It's not bringing anyone anywhere they couldn't get on their own with the tiniest amount of effort that could be expended by a very small person who could spare a few bucks per month. If people are angry it's just at the notion. It's not worth the fuss that's been generated.

If it helps women artists get into comics it'll just be from them reading "women" and "webcomic" in the same sentence and then thinking "I guess I could put my comic online maybe" and not because the $100 knocked down some impassable wall. And maybe that's the goal.


"This woman doesn’t rant. She is a force. She has a grand pair of testicles and dares anyone to bring theirs to the table."




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while i agree with you, i

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while i agree with you, i can understand why some male webcomic creators are bitter. grants for webcomics are few and far between - it's not like college scholarships where a member of almost any group can find a handful of stuff to apply for. but when it comes down to it, it's Lea's money and if she wants to grant it 'unfairly' that's her decision. whiners should stop complaining and start making a six figure income to donate to the people they think are more deserving.