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Phoenix Area Webcomickers

Is anyone else from around the Phoenix area? It sure would be nice to get together with other webcomickers more frequently than whenever I can manage to get to San Diego Comic Con.


I use Windows XP HE

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Unfortunately. But I'm not planning on switching anytime too soon. Â


What kind of graphics tablet do you use?

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I tried an old Wacom tablet, but couldn't get it set up on my laptop. Now I just use my mouse and Illustrater.

Do you use Wacom or some other tablet?

Congrats on graduation! I know how you feel. I am working FT, but also recently graduated myself.Â


It's a Wacom Intuos 6x8. I

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It's a Wacom Intuos 6x8. I swap it between my PowerMac at home and my PC Laptop when I'm on the road, love it. What OS were you using? I had some serious trouble when I was running Windows 2K. XP Pro has been a piece of cake.

Having said how awesome the tablet is, I will go on to say I hate using it in Illustrator. I have tried and tried, and overall I just feel very clunky with it compared to the control I have in Photoshop. I watched a video tutorial Jeph Jacques did a few months back, and it really influenced my mind about how line art can look GREAT in Photoshop while still allowing you to crank out finished images reasonably quickly. His work ethic compared to how he seems to balance the rest of his life is something I kind of aspire to.

I have a few more Darwin's

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I have a few more Darwin's Complex panels done, which i am posting Tuesdays and Fridays until I run out. After that, I'm not sure when I will get back to it because I really want Pirate's Life to succeed. I have the story of Darwin's Complex all written out, and it is a bit huge and daunting to me, so I want to make sure I set up Pirate's Life for success (build myself up so I am at least a month or two ahead on it), then maybe take some time to switch gears back to Darwin's Complex.

At Rocket Mouse Comics, my largest comics have been a self-contained story called "Sophomore" (which was also part of a 24 hour comic challenge), and Modern Evil, which was my first comic and pretty much shows as much.

For the last five years I have been a husband, a full time student, a full time corporate slave, and a part time web and graphic design/search engine optimization freelancer in addition to my webcomics. I'm still thankfully married, but I graduated in May, I will be between corporate jobs until the very end of September, and I have my freelance clients under control, so now is when to really strike and get the webcomics that have been running around in my head out onto my graphics tablet. Laughing

Longest Comic

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I visited your sites, but I'm only seeing only a few comics for each one. Are you just trying to figure out your voice right now?

I did like the Darwin's Complex design. Are you planning on doing anything more with that? Or are you solely going to focus on Pirates Life for right now?

Well, that's a tricky

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Well, that's a tricky question to answer at this immediate moment.

A sort of amalgamation of sketches and comics I have done over the years is at Rocket Mouse Comics.

A title I started, but am not sure when I will get to continuing, is at Darwin's Complex.

The one I am REALLY sinking my efforts into at the moment, however, is A Pirate's Life For ME! It's about a reality television series where people from all walks of life compete to become captain of their own pirate ship. Each "episode" has the contestants learning different pirate skills, participating in different challenges, etc. After the challenges, one contestant (presumably one of the losing ones) has to walk the plank. I'm planning to launch it September 19th, to correspond with Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I also own Coffee House Comics, but I have something different in mind for it, so the comic currently there will likely move over to Rocket Mouse Comics at some point.

Anyway, I'm in the Fiesta Mall area (west Mesa), and would be totally down for getting a good group started in the area to meet every so often. A lot can be done in groups that is more difficult to do flying solo, and they can be rather inspirational when the right folks are involved.

I had wondered that myself.

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I had wondered that myself. Do you have a website for your comic?

I'm in Mesa, Been wondering

I'm in Mesa, Been wondering if there are other webcomicers in the area myself.



My strip is at it's still pretty new, but I really like doing it. I even update daily, just because I can. Heh.Â



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