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GNR Update -- De:Tales: Stories of Urban Brazil

I've just udpated with a review of De:Tales: Stories of Urban Brazil by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. Here's an excerpt:

The authors of De: Tales: Stories of Urban Brazil, fraternal twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, take themselves -- their daydreams, their art, their sexuality, their drunken enthusiasms, their more sober hopes and wishes, and even (or maybe especially) their twinship -- very seriously, in the same way that, say, a fourteen-year-old girl takes herself very seriously. This is not meant as an insult. I grant that it is an odd thing to say, especially given the explicitly macho content of many of the short stories contained in this collection, their first book to enjoy widespread US distribution. The boys, it seems, are always on the prowl for female companionship, usually in bars, usually while drunk. But unlike homegrown comics in the same genre (the webcomic Butternut Squash, for example), the process of attracting and securing a one-night-stand isn't played as a cynical frat boy joke. Here, any random encounter at a singles bar can become an opportunity for existential crisis. more