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For those of you using Dreamhost

I've noticed some problems with mine and a few other sites today. I know more than a few webcomickers are using Dreamhost, so I checked out their emergency news page and it seems they've been having a number of hardware problems

 Just thought I'd bring it up in case some were wondering what was going on.

 Remember: The internet is held together by a thin line of copper.

Series of Tubes

Iain Hamp's picture

I thoguht the internets were a series of tubes?

Yes, Dreamhost has been fun in the last week. Especially this weekend when my e-mail was being delayed by hours at times. But all in all I still can't beat what you get for the price, especially all of their one-click installs.

Sometimes I feel like we

Sometimes I feel like we should replace the internet with a truck. I mean, what would you rather drive, an internet or a truck?

The amount of time you're

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The amount of time you're not getting what you're supposed to be getting gets a little maddening. Especially on Monday, because it's the heaviest day (for me, anyway).

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