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An invitation to blog and some other stuff

So, I’ve been invited to guest blog by Xaviar, and now that the time draws nigh, it occurred to me that I had better figure out how the Comixpedia blog-thing actually works.  So far, so good. Anyway, in order to make this entry more than simply an example of my own rambling, interweb ineptitude, I will instead, make an announcement regarding my series:


In advance of the official format change at GirlAMatic (as well as all the Modern Tales sites, I have made the entire Arcana Jayne archive free to one and all.

The very first story, A'Soulin is starting to show its age and will be retired from the internet permanently at the end of this year. The art was begun by me and finished by the fantastic Tracy Williams.

At the same time as she took over the art duties there, mpMann, a goddamned saint, saved my bacon (not to mention my series) by taking over the art duties on Hair of the Dog. In reality, I would have crawled through glass to keep my series alive, even if I couldn't do the art anymore. Luckily for me, I didn't have too.

Betweeen the Dark and the Dawn was drawn by the remarkable Spike (and colored by me.)

Tango was drawn by my bestest friend, Lea Hernandez (and again colored by me.)

The current story arc, Palladium is being arted all 'round by a tireless and entirely gorgeous Stevie Wilson. (It's a good thing she is so tireless, because this particular chapter in Jayne's memoirs is going to take some time to tell.)

I have plans for my series that I'll be announcing officially next month (around the same time as I begin my week of guest-blogging here.) Until then, welcome to my archives, I hope you enjoy them.