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Dates The Word

Webcomics in Print is gathering together to get a collection of webcomic artists and writers birthdays in some secret project that should be unveiled later on. If you're interested email moovok(at)yahoo(dot)com or comment on this post below with your name, webcomic and your date of birth. Thank you for your time and remember dates the word!

UPDATE: You don't have to have your webcomic in print to send me the info, just as long as you have a webcomic (or used to)


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Sahsha Andrade

Nekko and Joruba


<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Is this some kind of zodiac thing?

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Andrea L. Peterson

No Rest For The Wicked

May 27, 1981







Very curious.
Name: Chad Diez
Webcomic:Â Today: The Comic
DOB: 08/29/81

Alrighty then..

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ooo! a secret birthday project - me likey.


Chris Jones
March 21, 1973
comic:Â Grumps

Me too!

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Mine is listed elsewhere so I'm not worried about posting the info.

Greg Carter Abandon 2/21/1960 (yes, 1960. now get off my lawn!)Â


Greg Carter Abandon UpDown Studio

Greg Carter - Abandon: First Vampire - Online Graphic Novel

OK, I'm game. My name is

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OK, I'm game. My name is Miguel Estrugo and I was born in October 15, 1972.

And my comic is right at my signature.

Why not...Name: Natalie

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Why not...

Name: Natalie Kirk

Comic: Parallelax

D.O.B: 28 May 1986



Sounds cool ...Name:

Sounds cool ...

Name: Magnolia Porter

Comic: Twist:Ending (

Birthdate: January 31, 1988

Twist:Ending. Ten kinds of sexual danger.

I'm Game

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Name: Petie Shumate

Comic: girl/robot

Birthdate: August 5th, 1977

girl/robot - One girl. One robot. A series of unintentionally scarring escapades.

Credit Card Fraud

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Don't worry, I'm not after your credit cards (though if you wanna donate, there is a button on my Webcomics in Print website). From my knowledge you need the card number and also the number on the back nowadays (not sure about Mexico or any third world country).

Though if you're not interested I'm perfectly fine some people are worried about things like that, and that's okay.

Might Be Better to Email Them to You

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All the same, it might be safer to have people email their info to you then post it on a public website.Â

Just a thought...Â


Xaviar Xerexes

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Gnaw.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

I don't wanna be the badguy

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I don't wanna be the badguy and ruin yur party and be hated ,  but be careful some people just need your name and birthday to hack your credit cards,

 in my country we get phone call all the time from our banks saying that we won a prize, we need just tell them our birthday and confirm our names , but really they are buglars that want our info to steal from us or at least that way it is in Mèxico.

its not like Im saying that  moovok is in that kind of dirty business, I think that he wants to be something good for webcomickers.

but IÂ cant afford that kind of luxury to be naive its so risky and dangerous. (its one of the facts that I have learned living in a third world country)

Sorry if I dont trust you.

 como dicen en mi pais la ley de heroles te friegas o te jodes. y soy exageradamente desconfiado aunque te quiera creer no debo hacerlo.

Tim Demeter Reckless

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Tim Demeter
Reckless Life


Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds

Name: Alexander

Name: Alexander Danner

Webcomic: Picture Story Theatre

DOB: January 23, 1976Â & Fairy Tales Experiments

I'm game

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Paul Gadzikowski, Arthur, King of Time and Space, 12/15/59.

Paul Gadzikowski,
Arthur, King of Time and Space New cartoons daily

Name: Starline HodgeÂ

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Name: Starline HodgeÂ

Webcomic: CandiÂ
DOB: Jan 13, 1983

Re: Web to Print Info

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Name: Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

Webcomic: Fabricari

DOB: 8-14-1975

Print comic information here.

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

I likes me a mystery

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So, is this for printed webcomics only then? Given the blog name and all? Ah, what the fuck...

William G

Bang Barstal

April 23, 1970

No Print Required

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Nope, I'm after normal webcomic artists and/or writers, don't have to have your works in print at all...