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Jon & Liz of Garfield finally hook up? Summon the Snark!

Read the Garfield comics here: one, two.

Unbelievable, on two levels. One, Liz finally admits she likes Jon. And two, there's continuity now? Where's Eric Burns when we need him?

Rambling About Garfield

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I saw this thread pop up on the "what's popular" block today -- huh?But whatever.  While I'm here -- has everyone seen "Lasanga Cat" yet -- it's this weird live reanactment of Garfield strips - word for word that ends with a bit of canned laughter and then seques into some trippy music video spin-off.  The first and best one I saw was "You Can't Eat a Purse".

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Permanent Monday

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Permanent Monday has great color commentary on the new storyline. Actually, it looks like this blog has been providing color commentary on Garfield for a long time.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

The Trifecta

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What's next? Cathy jumps off a building? Charlie Brown kicks the football (won't EVER happen) from Lucy? Webcomics in newspapers? Garfield's opening up Pandora's Box with this one....

Seriously, it's about d*mn time SOMETHING worthwhile happened in that strip. Let's see where it goes...

Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

I know!

Flo divorces Andy Cap! Yay!

It can happen

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Charlie Brown kicks the football (won't EVER happen)

Not without a shovel and the black arts, at least.

Re: It can happen

the closest charlie ever came was kicking lucy herself (lol)

I'm a big fan of garfield and have 40/44 of the comic books released. i also have a cd going up through 12/31/05 so I know probably the most out of anybody here, the longest run i remember is about 18 or so strips of where garfield gets lost when jon is away, right up until christmas day! It's not supposed to be a soap opera that most of you probably prefere, or for better or for worse (Jim anyone?) it's just plainly simple and funny/ and can be actually similar to peanuts jokes at times, there was one series of strips though about garfield being left alone in the house it was abandoned and he ended up alone with jon and odie dead or moved far away.... don't think is pointless

 Um, if by "continuity" you

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Um, if by "continuity" you mean eleven succesive strips following the same plotline, Garfield's done that before.

I remember them doing storylines where they go on vacation, go visit Jon's family on the farm, etc. etc. 




In Ancient Times

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Yes, but they haven't done that in years. Much of the criticism of Garfield's modern strips is that it has become nothing but repeat gags that take place in Jon's house. (See David Malki!'s excellent feature The Comic Strip Doctor)

This storyline could signify a return to a slightly less pointless version of Garfield.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

It's actually been a rather long storyline...

I checked the ucomics archives calendar thing to see how long the continuity has been going on, and it seems to start here:

That's about a week and a half of Garfield stories relating to each other. That's probably a record in the entire history of Garfield. Or something.

 Edit: ah, I see scarybug has beat me to the punch.Â

Liz doesn't like Jon.

Liz doesn't like Jon. She's using him.



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To get to Garfield of course...


I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Three, A Garfield strip that

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Three, A Garfield strip that actually doesn't take place in Jon's kitchen or living room!

I noticed a few months ago a Garfield strip where Garfield had no dialogue. I wondered if the team of writers had been looking at critisism on the internet and using it to improve the strip.

Or if there was just a gaffe and the dialogue had been taken out.

 Edit: This storyline actually starts here That's 11 strips of continuity! (increment the 17 in the URL to keep reading)

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars