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BLOOP Blasted at Transplant Comics

Here's a funny review I received form someone at Transplant Comics:

"Yeah, the wepsite layout choices are really really really agressively unwelcoming, not to mention a real stab in the eye. And the cartoon seems to be a well-executed old-style newspaper-funnies type comic that is trying to hack its way into the webcomic market. With a spade. Ànd a bit too many spelling mistakes."

The funny thing is that spelling master here can't spell website or use a proper A for And. The review was helpful though as it prompted some changes to my wepsite (I mean website lol) Also some of the negative reviews at the Transplant Comics forum came from artist's whose own wepsites (I mean websites) / comics kinda sucked. Voids and Bub's World in particular.

Anyway feel free to check out the NEW and IMPROVED BLOOP wepsite (I mean website) at


Wow - I Don't Think I Was That Off

Sean C's picture

Wrongo. Your post was full of bitter, sarcastic zings that really weren't called for. I lurk at Transplant, and read your application thread before posting here; I saw myself that the group just wasn't totally impressed. I saw that you took to heart some of the advice, but to come over here and do this is just plain venting.Â

It's one thing to announce changes to your site, but by using terms like "spelling master" in that manner and by titling the thread as you did - the whole thing just smacks of an attack.

Yes, of course you're entitled to your opinion, but you chose to bash other comics from the collective that turned you down. So, c'mon - you were mad, and you vented. There's no shame in admitting that.

And as for calling me an uninformed idiot, I don't appreciate it. I was simply trying to tell you venting won't help you down the road in regards to your reputation, and was even trying to be a tad supportive for you. You chose to attack me.

You don't need to explain bitter bashing to me; I recognized it here the second I saw it. If you're so damn appreciative of their advice, why bash them here? Like I said before - it happens. So quit deluding yourself that you're not bitter, you are. If you're actually buying into your own lie, then you're the idiot.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. See my stuff at

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. My brand new comic:

Yep, Your That Off!'s picture

Your response was well written but your conclusion was not logical. Your agrument that I was bitter, mad and / or venting is based on a false presumption that you know someone else's mind / motives (something you are clerarly not able to do)! I explicitly stated that I was not bitter, mad or venting. I merely wanted to share a humerous review that I found funny. Sure it was a bit sarcasitc (ie 'spelling master') and I can see where someone overly sensitive might mistake that for an attack or bitter, mad, venting but was done just to punch home it humor of it all. With regard to stating my opinion of some of the work there, I just stated it wasn't that great like anyone else might. I didn't say anything rude like it sucked or was a piece of shit. Also, I only commented on 2 of the strips, most of the other stuff there was pretty good! Your opinion that the blog was bitter, mad and / or venting is based soley on your own perception and is just that a mere opinion. And you are entitled to it. However, your opinion is not sufficient evidence on which to base a valid argument. But I can tell you in all honesty that your perception / opinion is wrong! I have absoultely nothing against the nice folks at Transplant Comics! They even invited me to resubmit at some later date! And if I wanted or intended to attack them I wouldn't have done it in a couched, cheesy, pussy manner . I assure you there would be no doubt it was an attack! So, in order to put this issue to rest, I will formely extend the olive branch and appoligize for writing in a style that might quasi reasonably lead some overly sensitive people to perceive I was bitter,mad and / or venting! Fair enough?

Let's Wrap This One Up There

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While this is a pretty mild breach of Comixpedia Protocol, personal attacks are a no-no here. Just to be clear I'm only referring to you calling another commenter an idiot. That serves no purpose.

The rest of the thread seemed okay if a little testy.Â


Xaviar Xerexes

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Gnaw.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

So they didn't take you...

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Don't be so bitter, man. They had their opinions on your comic, and they have the power to pick and choose which comics to accept. You just didn't cut it with them, that's all. I took a look at it, and wasn't amazed. It happens.

But bashing them openly like this, it ain't gonna get you a good reputation in the webcomics community. Venting like this hurts you even more.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. See my stuff at

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. My brand new comic:

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I wasn't bitter or bashing. I merely found it humerous to be critiqued on my spelling and have the critiquer make spelling mistakes. Also, while I acknowledge everyone has their opinion YOU need to acknowlegde I have mine. My opinion was simply that the work done by my critiquers also wasn't very good. A simple opinion stated simply and in the same manner that their opinions were stated to me. I left Transplant Comics on a very good note and was greatful for a lot of the critiques I received. Some of them even prompted me to make changes to my website. So if you took this as bitter bashing then your basically an idiot who didn't read carefully enough (there's some bitter bashing for you - see the difference?)