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Live Comic-Con Coverage = Ratings Gold for G4TV

From Multichannel News: Another big cable Kahuna at ComicCon was G4...The young male-targeted network broadcast a live two-hour special from the convention floor on Friday, July 21. It aired two additional one-hour specials on Monday and Tuesday (July 23 and 24)... The net combed the con floor to report on indie comic books and toy companies. The payoff was big: for the Friday special. In the young-male target demo of 18-34, viewership jumped 184% for the time period. It was G4’s second-highest-rated special this year (the first being their live E3 coverage, I assume). The week of July 17 became the channel’s highest-rated in history.

This bodes well for future television coverage of Comic-Con. Perhaps next year G4 will expand their coverage to include a feature or two on webcomics at the Con.