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Achewood Joins Webcomics Nation

Today Chris Onstad, creator of the popular webcomic Achewood ( announced that he has joined Webcomics Nation, posting a private subscription-only archive of extra material for his most devoted fans.

"Webcomics Nation is the perfect solution for hosting subscriber material," said Onstad. "The content management interfaces are extremely well-designed, and the whole product is very well thought out. From uploading art to managing payments, it's very well integrated. It's the best system I've seen for anyone trying to make a living off of their comics. Our launch at WCN has been a huge success for our business, and our readers are thrilled."

Webcomics Nation founder Joey Manley said, "We're really happy to have Chris, one of the greatest cartoonists around (online or off) using WCN's technology and services. We passed our first anniversary just the other day, and have proven ourselves to be the most stable, secure, and easy-to-use hosting and automation platform for cartoonists who want to spend more time cartooning, and less time fiddling with technology -- and especially the ones who want to build a business out of their webcomics! Chris is coming on board at a great time for WCN -- and his presence will make it even better!"

According to Onstad, his subscription-based archive attracted more than 100 subscribers in its first few hours online -- amounting to more than $1000 in immediate revenues (subscriptions cost $12/year). "And that was on a Sunday evening, no less!" he said. Sundays are typically a fairly slow time for webcomics sites.

Webcomics Nation, the hosting and automation service for professional cartoonists, can be found here:

The Achewood subscriber archives:


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Thanks Kris! We're very

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Thanks Kris!

We're very excited.


What a great get! Congrats

What a great get! Congrats to both Onstad and Manley.

Kristofer Straub

Kristofer Straub