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The Gigcast: Year One

Hey Folks,

I don’t know if any of you have been counting, but this weeks Gigcast is #50. Meaning that in 2 weeks we are at the one year mark.

One year.

Actually this week, while numbered 50 is actually the 52nd Gigcast (not counting The Gigcast Drive-bys) and the 52nd week, BUT the first Gigcast was released on Aug 20 2005, so… Fuzzy math hurts my head. That blows me away. Really. Who would have thought it?

The reason I bring it up is We’d like to thank all of you who listen, comment and subscribe to The Gigcast. It really makes it worth the time and effort when I see the #’s and get the feedback. Especially when we get feedback.

We’ve met and interviewed some great people, read and reviewed some great comics, and saw some amazing artwork over our first year. We have no plans to stop, and only hope we can continue to grow, and improve on quality and content.

We’ll be doing a “Year One Recap” show next week, so if you want to send us an e-mail or mp3 file for the show, that would be great. Let us know if you have any Gigcast moments you would like us to comment on.

Anyway, Thanks for an interesting year!