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What About Flash Introductory Pages for Webcomics?

Another good thread at focuses on the use of Flash animation as the "splash" page for a webcomic. Good? Bad? Although the general consensus on this thread is "bad" there is an acknowledgment that Flash in general may be a big part of the future of the web and therefore of webcomics.

Re: What About Flash Introductory Pages for Webcomics?

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You know, it just seems a little odd to me that I've had about 2-3 posts mentioned on this site, each getting around 300 views or more before they're mentioned, and the flow of readers to my site doesn't show any impact of said posts. I'm not being whiney or anything, especially since there's no one to complain to and whining is just stupid. However, this last post is kind of old. (Talkaboutcomics has been pretty dead as of late) Even though the comic updates on my site have been slow, I have been making a lot of posts in my new ranter. Some of them are comic and art related, some are just funny gripes about the day. If you like my msg board posts, check out my rants

- Ben