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To Be Continued…

Alright everybody, I’m out.

Before I surrender the mic, some quick thanks to everyone who read my ramblings this week, Xavier for allowing me to do it, old friends and new for your thoughts in the comments, Joey Manley, Will Simmons, and Tim Pilcher for their faith in me, and especially the man, the myth, the legend, T Campbell, for everything he's done for me. I won't let you down.

If you want to keep track of what I’m up to, I’ll be blogging off my MySpace page from now on, so, you know, check ‘er out.

If anyone ever has any thoughts (for good or ill) on what I’m doing in any of my endeavors, please give me a holler, and in the meantime, like the man says:

I’m always around.

(Though I promise not to bug out to Krypton for five years. Or stalk you with x-ray vision. Okay, PROBABLY not on that second part.)

Timmy D