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Things Change: A Metamorposes Comic

Following the ending of the 52 episode webcomic, Maroon, Derik A Badman launched his new webcomic Things Change: The Metamorphoses Comic. The introduction to the comic reads:

To write Things Change I’m using Ovid’s Metamorphoses–in a few translations though mostly the translation by Horace Gregory (because it is a pocket paperback and is easy to take with me for reference and rereading) with supplemental reading of the Allen Mandelbaum translation (the version I first read of the poem)–as a generative text. I am not directly adapting Ovid’s work, rather I am using his stories as a jumping off point for characters, events, themes, images, words, or whatever else seems useful for the particular story. You probably won’t see gods and goddesses or mythical monsters (at least not in an obvious sense), but certainly the theme of change will be prevalent (hence the title).

As in Maroon, Things Change will also serve as a vehicle for further formal experiments in layout, style, composition, breakdowns, and other parts of the comics lexicon.

Things Change is published on Sundays and Wednesdays. The third strip went up today, ending the prologue. Book One starts on Wednesday with a story showing the Ages of Man (golden, silver, bronze, iron) through the lens of a relationship.