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Gratuitous Cameo Storylines

Part of the "community" of webcomics is the fun of playing in a colleague's webcomic playground for a bit. The most common aspects of this are the cross-over and the guest week. A more infamous cousin is the gratuitous cameo storyline (characters used with or without permission) where for no real reason at all scores of characters from much more well known webcomics show up in yours.

I did it, you did it, hell even Bigger Than Cheeses did it. Post your links, confess your (or someone else's) sins.

I put Tim Demeter in one of

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I put Tim Demeter in one of my Johnny Saturn pages. Other people make cameos in the strip (like me and co-writer Benita), but those other people are from my analog life, not my online life.

I haven’t put any cameos

I haven’t put any cameos in my webcomic yet, but I’ve recently been thinking strongly about it – difference being that I’m intending to use characters from the Australian comic books from the mid-90s that influenced me most, like Da ‘n’ Dill, Zero Assassin, Bug & Stump, etc. Most of these titles stopped being published years ago, and would hardly be household names among the general webcomic community, so I thought of it less as a publicity exercise and more as a genuine homage to cartoonists I admire. The problem is that most of those characters wouldn’t just slip in unnoticed in the background – I mean, I can hardly put Hairbutt The Hippo into a comic that doesn’t feature any talking animals and not expect readers unfamiliar with Jason Paulos’ character to be confused.

I quit my job to draw comics. Basic Wage Kids is the result:

I quit my job to draw comics. Basic Wage Kids is the result:


I have ganked so many characters from webcomics for cameos it's difficult to fathom.


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We've borrowed a few over the years. Kiki was in one of our early comics and we had appearances by some other comic folks here and there. We also had Rob Balder in a couple of strips, but as he was necessary to the plot, I don't consider those gratuitous. :)

Not exactly

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So far, I don't put other webcomics' characters in mine (though sometimes my characters play dress-up). I put other webcomics' cartoonists in mine.

Paul Gadzikowski,
Arthur, King of Time and Space New cartoons daily

Oh No!

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I put Nobot, the Oh No Robot in a couple of my comics.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Gratuitous Vs Not Gratuitous

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I was just having a laugh with this post so don't take any of this too seriously but so far all of these comments are mostly about not gratuitous cameos and crossovers. Those are not sins!!! :)

Okay, Keenonball Run is pretty much a sin... :0

Here's a bunch of cameos in a sinfest that is pretty much integral to the gag. We're not looking for that - we're talking about those webcomics where the creator is essentially jamming several fan-art style link-pleads into his/her own webcomic for no good reason! That's the kind of sinnin' I'm talking about.

Let's take Gordon's comment - that one's at best a minor sin. The cameos are from movie-related webcomics so there's kind of a point and it isn't overboard and the webcomic works just fine with or without them.

Here's how you'd do a major sin - make a Multiplex with a crowd shot filled with characters from webcomics much more popular than Multiplex and have the webcomic be nothing more than those characters making half-jokes amongst themselves about the fact that they're all in the audience of a Multiplex comic instead of in their own strips.

Then you'd have to email each of those other webcomics asking for a link!

That'd be some mortal gratuitous cameo sinning! :)


Xaviar Xerexes

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So many of them

But some of my faves, anyway:

—Also, obligatory plug: The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive

Who hasn't?

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yeah, i've done it too, but that was many years ago now. i just wanted to know how many other robot characters i could find out there. Fudda?

In an early version of the

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In an early version of the first Bang Barstal story,I had Dinosaur Comics' Utharaptor and T-rex in a cameo.

 As is my way, I replaced the original page with a new one of the same name, so our dino pals are just a memory.

Gratuitous Cameo Storylines

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Check out the numerous links/crossovers (all WITH permission) for Mindmistress at HORRIBLE THOUGHTS. Or Interlude 3, Interlude 2, and Interlude 3, as well as RECREATIONAL ACTS OF THE SMART AND BRAINY.

And more are on the way.

Al Schroeder III of MINDMISTRESS---think the superhero genre is mined out?

Think there are no new superhero ideas?

Think again.

 Al Schroeder III of MINDMISTRESS---think the superhero genre is mined out? Think there are no new superhero ideas? Think again.

I didn't ask for permission

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I didn't ask for permission because I knew it'd be okay, but I put Joe Dunn and Tom Brazelton into this comic just for fun.

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