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Gigcast One Year Podcast Review

This week The Gigcast celebrates One Year of Webcomcis Podacsting.

In Prep for recording the show on Tuesday Night, This Monday (Tonight Aug 14th) I will be on Skpye from 8 ish to whenever (est) taking calls and recording comments about The Gigcast, for the Year One Retrospective show. So Log in and say "HI" if you would like to participate!

Skype ID : JTPokie

Oh and new Gigcast Voicemail line:

1-206-98 GIG IT (1-206-984-4448)


Download the super secret beta googletalk from here…

Google talk Beta

and leave a voicemail!

or. send us an mp3 to the address above.

We'll fit in all the calls we can!

See ya then!