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GOBLINS Joins Keenspot

Creator Tarol Hunt has signed on to bring popular webcomic GOBLINS to Keenspot.

GOBLINS is a role-playing game satire that allows readers to experience life through the eyes of goblins, orcs, and other usually-overlooked creatures that RPG adventurers enjoy routinely pounding on. Since launching in July 2005, the comic has quickly grown to become one of the most popular attractions on Comic Genesis, Keenspot's all-inclusive free webhosting and automation service for comic creators.

Congratulations, Tarol!

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Good going, man! I can think of no one who deserves it more!

D. Robert Hamm

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D. Robert Hamm
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Short Review of Goblins my me.

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Goblins is an excellent strip. It pulls humor from the same source as OotS (that is D&D), while remaining completely original. It is simultaneously funny and visceral as it challenges the black-and-white morality of fantasy settings.


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