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The DivaLea Show is BACK!

You missed it, and now it's BACK!

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This is Show Zero of 2006, a quickie just under 10 minutes. TDLS will usually be about 10-20 minutes a week, because, as dead easy as editing has become, a lot of audio is still a lot of audio.

This week's sidekick is Lisa Jonte, who is one of four awesome sidekicks. One is British, so everything he says will sound smart and sexy and perhaps evil like a Disney villain.

Lisa and I talk about her Guest Blog here at Comixpedia:

I am aware Lisa is echo-y. That's how she really sounds in real life*, and I'm not here to Merle Norman the character out of her voice.
I'll also be recording a reunion show with Joey Manley sometime soon.
Thanks to Lisa for the music!

The iTunes-compatible podcast goes up sometime tomorrow!

ENJOY! and please comment!

*In real life over a funky mobile phone connection.


NightgigTim's picture

Welcome back to Podcasting!

(I like to think The Gigcast had SOMETHING to do with it!)

Need any help, don't hesitate to ask!