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The Gigcast Year One Birthday Show!

I just want to say, thanks, thanks to every one who has played a part, in what can only be called, a success. I’m talking about The Gigcast making it to one year, without missing a week.

No one is more surprised at this as I am. Believe you me, if there is a reason for me not to do something, I’ll find it. I’m good like that, just ask my wife. So the fact that we’ve hit one year, must mean that this little project means …something.

Well, it wouldn’t have happened without Scott, Karl, Jo, Corey, Dave, Jenny, Robin, Paul, and Chuck, dozens of outstanding guests, from artists, writers, programmers, puppeteers and inkers, pros and hobbyists alike. And the music. All the great podsafe music from Jonathan Coulton, Brobdingnagian Bards, Escape Key and others.

And Webcomic communities like Drunk Duck, Comic Genesis, Smack Jeeves, Blank label Comics, KeenSpot, Panel 2 Panel, Day Free Press, Comic Dish and countless independent comics as well.

And of course, you, the listeners. Thanks guys.

You make it possible.