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Friday Afternoon Site News

Thanks to Lisa Jonte for guest blogging this week and welcome to Leigh Dragoon who will be your guest blogger next week. I'll be at a beach next week so my Internet access will be spotty at best. The new server (we moved yesterday) should be fine but if it acts up you're stuck with it until later in the month! (I don't think they'll actually be any problems though). Also a few comments (maybe 6) got lost in the server transition - my apologies, but I probably won't be able to resurrect those.

Also thanks to current sponsor Speech Bubble Media - this is an adverts service for webcomic sites.

Ou est Leigh Dragoon?

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Ou est Leigh Dragoon?

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

Not Sure Where to Write This

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When I recruited guest bloggers in the spring not knowing how hard or easy it would be to get folks to do a week I didn't ask for much in terms of posting - I think I said 2 or 3 for the week. So as it turned out a lot of guest bloggers have posted lots more than that but it's not like Leigh did lots less than what she agreed to way back when.

It was a good post too! :)Â


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