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Another webcomic (Girly) reaches a $$$ goal.

For the months of July and August, Josh Lesnick of Girly had a sales drive going for his comic to raise funds for some new equipment, book printing, and general purposes like rent and groceries. With a week to spare, the goal of $5k was met.

Josh was in need of funds, but since website sales in general tend to go slowly over the Summer, he needed to start some sort of event or something. But as he felt there've been enough "donation drives" in webcomics, he decided to do a Sales drive instead, which included both sales of all his merch as well as donations. All sales and donations recieved between July and August would be totaled up, and two goals were set: $3000 was the normal goal, and $5000 was the "Ultimate" goal wherein Josh could officially concentrate on comics for the rest of the year and not worry too much about making ends meet.

The drive started July 1, and with Comic Con sales factored in, the ultimate goal of $5k was met on August 23. It can't quite be officially declared that Josh is living solely from Girly, as other successful drives have done for comics, but it certainly brings him a sizeable step closer.

This is being thrown out on Comixpedia because some artists may like to know that if funds are needed and they got merchandise, simply throwing up a goal can work wonders, as readers really like having something to work toward.

Girly has been running since April 2003, and has recently published its 420th comic. It's Josh's third major webcomic, and as of early this year, he has dropped several lucrative projects to try and make Girly his main job. He's been a part of the Dayfree Press collective since October 2005.

First, congrats to Josh for

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First, congrats to Josh for making your goal!

Second, I appreciate that you've shared this because I find myself in a similar situation where sales of my first book have stalled somewhat. I was really hoping that I could use the profits from the sale of my first book to help fund the second.

A sales drive is an EXCELLENT idea and I think I will use it to help motivate my readers to by a book that contributes to a larger goal.

Excellent idea!Â

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