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Lost in Translation?

 Jerry Holkins aka Tycho.So Penny Arcade has licensed their... stuff to a developer to make a Penny Arcade video game. Penny Arcade just gets bigger and bigger every year. I wouldn't be surprised now by anything they try to cross over into.

However, it led me to this recent Little Gamers' comic. I think although it's fuzzy that one of the Little Gamers guys decided Comixpedia was the most evil thing in webcomics back in 2004. Or something. I know we did give them a less then perfect review at one point and many, many, many of their fans told us to "sux th3r c0xors" (ah yes, the old days of anonymous comments here... don't miss that!) But what exactly is this one about? Is it that Comixpedia is all about money? (And if so why don't I have any of it!) They also mention Scott McCloud - maybe it's all about micropayments! Dunno really - what do you all think?

Anyhow, I think this is the third Little Gamers comic to mention Comixpedia - thanks for the publicity guys!

From the Penny-Arcade

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From the Penny-Arcade website,

"...As a self-funded, completely independent project ... Hothead isn't licensing Penny Arcade, we are making it together..."

I don't get the impression that they're doing this to make a million. Whether they make a million on it remains to be seen. And if they do, power to 'em.



-Lisa Jonté
Artist, Writer, Flibbertigibbet, Editor

-Lisa Jonté
Artist, Writer, Flibbertigibbet, Editor

You know, in that picture he

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You know, in that picture he kind of reminds me of this guy.


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I think the point is that

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I think the point is that there's a lot more conversation about making money with webcomics than there is, you know, actual money being made.

Fair point, actually.

Though it did make a point, the strip didn't strike me as very funny -- or as even trying to be very funny. Is that a problem for a humor strip? I think it might be. Probably just me, though.


if comixpedia is going to

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if comixpedia is going to stop focusing on how to make money and start focusing on faulting webcomics that aren't funny, xerexes is gonna have to upgrade the server to accomodate the millions and millions of new articles



1- Kris, that was very

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1- Kris, that was very funny.

2- I believe the Little Gamers comic was a snide commentary on the "money first" philosophy that seems to have become the most important aspect to making comics these days. And I don't disagree with them, but it's hard to argue for the importance of art when people are being dazzled by vanity press compilations. Basically, their snark is wasted on the people it's aimed at.

My guess about their point, anyway.

Today's disclaimer: Yes, I realize that a job making comics is the dream for many, and is one I haven't held since I was 18. And them doing what ever it takes to reach that dream is their choice... even if that means copying someone else's format... Oops! I didn't say that!

In that avatar, Jerry looks

In that avatar, Jerry looks like some benevolent sun deity. Cropped out of the photo is a basket overflowing with maize.

Kristofer Straub

Kristofer Straub