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MT Longplay Launches with "It's About Girls"

SAN FRANCISCO—Modern Tales (, one of the Internet’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the relaunch of its longform comics section, Modern Tales Longplay. Longplay will feature completed, self-contained comics of 24 pages or longer, as well as regularly-updating chapters of ongoing graphic novels. Like the Modern Tales Strip Lounge, MT Longplay will be free to all readers.

The first webcomic featured on the new Longplay is It’s About Girls, a serialized graphic novel by writer William G and artist Sahsha Andrade. A romantic comedy, It’s About Girls follows the protagonist, Icon, and his circle of friends, a group that includes a pro wrestler, a girl who runs a porn site, and a college freshman who sometimes fails to wear pants. Eric Burns of calls It’s About Girls “the kind of thing that makes me excited to be reading webcomics,” and the Webcomics Examiner notes, “G is building a body of work that promises to have enduring appeal.”

William G also writes and draws Bang Barstal on, one of the Modern Tales sister sites. Sahsha Andrade is the cocreator, with Raymond Andrade, of Neko and Joruba (

“I’ve been a fan of It’s About Girls for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be able to feature it on Modern Tales,” says Shaenon K. Garrity, editor of Modern Tales. “It’s the perfect way to debut the new MT Longplay section. Look forward to more amazing additions to Longplay in the months to come!”

The newest chapter of It’s About Girls is available now at Modern Tales.

By gum, this comic looks to

The William G's picture

By gum, this comic looks to be almost as good as the creators are attractive! I feel I must investigate further.

         - Guy Incognito