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Science Idol Finalists

The Union of Concerned Scientists has announced the top 12 finalists for their Science Idol editorial cartoon contest, and voting has begun to determine the winner of the grand prize.

Direct voting page is here. The names of all the entrants are not given, so I don't know if there's any other showing from the webcomics community, but my own entry is number 6 and Bryant Paul Johnson's (of Teaching Baby Paranoia) is number 5.

The 12 finalists will all be printed in the 2007 Defending Science calendar. The winner of the grand prize receives $500 and an expenses-paid trip to meet a celebrity judge of their choice.

A follow up

Scarybug's picture

I got my Science Idol calendar in the mail yesterday! It's very nice quality. Apparently I was one of 50 people who won it for voting.



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___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Hey Reva,I really liked your

Bryant Paul Johnson's picture
Hey Reva,
I really liked your entry! (Your's was the comic that made me think: "man, I wish I had come up with something that clever!")
It's pretty cool that there are multiple Comixpedians in the final round! (Hopefully, if there are more, they'll speak up!)
Good luck!

- teaching baby paranoia


Xaviar Xerexes's picture

Two cool entries - I predict Reva or Bryant will win!Â


Xaviar Xerexes

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Gnaw.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

I really wish I'd had time

Scarybug's picture

I really wish I'd had time to enter. Still, a very nice showing.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars