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SketchBattle Applicants Wanted!

SketchBattle has announced that they are now taking applications for Season 6.

Although SketchBattle has received a lot of flack in the past, the site is now under new ownership and management (FlamingKinkos of All Signs Point to Yes and Zach of SMBC) and they're hoping to begin to grow back to their former popularity and standards.

The past few seasons have seen SketchBattle shrink a bit and have mostly been full of in-jokes from the site's forum/community. But this season, they are hoping to get more "big-name" competitors to bring back the non-exclusive humor and appeal.

And for those who aren't familiar with SketchBattle at all: it's a competition site that runs in seasons of about 15 weeks in which there are 6 competitors. Each of the 6 battles the others round-robin style until it's narrowed down to the finals example here). Each battle is simply a greyscale drawing/cartoon/sketch that creatively and humorously insults the other person. I'd suggest checking the earlier battles in the site's archive for some good examples (warning: many are VERY much NSFW). It's a rather extensive commitment for those selected to be on the front page, but it's only one sketch per week, and it's really a fun time.

So anyhow, if any of you are interested, and are not easily offended, I really urge you to apply to take part in the next season!

OK, I signed up.Sorry, not

Fabricari's picture

OK, I signed up.

Sorry, not the big name you were hoping for. How about it The William G? Man enough to step up?

And why limit it to 6 people. Let's cage match this shit!

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

 6 is just the number for

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 6 is just the number for the main page. There's also a free-for-all on the forums (see: the "match--up" and "battle" sections of the forumpage) and they hold regular open-to-all tourneys as well at, but that is currently in the middle of a tournament.