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Something of a worry.

Has anyone encountered this site before? It seems to be a place where people can upload images they find interesting/amusing/whathaveyou. Youtube for jpegs, I guess. They rehost the images, so there's no bandwidth leeching. However, there are a lot of comics being rehosted there, both print and web, without accreditation. And what I find more worrying - in many cases, a watermarked URL from the hosting site has been superimposed onto the image. It doesn't overwrite any pre-existing watermark/url/signature, thankfully. But this still seems ethically murky at best.

Gotta Agree on That

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This is really something like a YouTube for images. Maybe there's a way to contact the admins and request images you own be removed. Personally, I always include my artist's signature on all my work, and would post the url to the comic somewhere in the border. Doing something like that might actually boost traffic. I still don't like it, though; E'baum's uses a watermark to "claim" work, and we know how much of a douchebag organization that is.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. My brand new comic: