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BOO! Halloween Collaborative Comic

As you may or may not know, my goodest internets friend Manning Krull and I make it a habit to produce a Halloween Comic every other year, or so, by the name of BOO!:HALLOWEEN STORIES (The most recent iteration resides here in all its sepia-toned glory).

We are BIG fans of Halloween so it's always been our pleasure to collaborate on the spooky-themed anthology. We had big BIG plans to come back this year with an impressive volume of stories, but unfortunately we ended up not having the time to dedicate to it. Which sucks and is terrible, and was making us all sad. We looked like this: :-(

Along those lines, I recently wrapped up The Calamity! Project, a collaborative comic involving dozens of creators providing work based on a common theme. I'm exceedingly pleased with the final result, and I really think everyone involved did a bang-up job. In fact, so much so that I've been eager to start a second collaborative comic project.

[XEREXES: More details on Boo: The Collaborative Comic after the jump]

BOO!Halloween Stories
  • The theme of this collaborative comic project is HALLOWEEN STORIES. Stories submitted should relate to Halloween or themes reminiscent of Halloween, including trick-or-treating, true-life Halloween accounts, monsters, gory urban legends, scares and shocks, costumes, supernatural occurences, etc. Extra points awarded for working the title, "BOO," into the submission in some fashion (Points can be redeemed for nothing whatsoever).--Deadline for submissions is October 30, 2006 for final publication on October 31.
  • Submissions should be between one and six pages.
  • Submissions can be color or black and white, or any combination thereof.
  • Acceptable file formats are: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD and PSP.
  • Individual pages should measure 1987x3075 at 300dpi, or any other page size which shrinks to 600x930 pixels at 72dpi. If a margin is used, it should be 100 pixels from each side on the 300dpi document, or 32 pixels on 72dpi. (A template will be provided).
  • Submissions must be accompanied by submission form (to follow) requesting name of contributors, brief biographical info, and website or email info as appropriate.
  • Send all submissions to
  • Scare the pants off the readers.

The site is up here, I'll see you guys 'round Halloween with some tales of fright and woe, I hopes! Thanks all, holler if you have any questions!