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Hi! I'm a new artist at GirlAMatic and to the community!


My name is Michelle Mauk, and I've just been recently added to the new lineup at GirlAMatic! I'm brand new to the community, and to the webcomic world, so I'm just introducing myself and my work. My comic is called Voyage Moyen, it's a fantasy story that revolves around a journey in a world that exists somewhere between Life and Death... so it'll cover a whole spectrum of things. I'm actually really thrilled to be posting alongside all the artists on the site, because they're just so good!

As it is, this itself is rather scary, introducing myself to a formed community, but I hope to be a part of it and to be able to get some creative feedback, and to maybe express some of my own! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Go GirlAMatic!

 This really looks great

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 This really looks great Michelle, hurry up and make more!

Crimson Dark

[url=]Crimson Dark[/url]


Thank you! But I'm only one little person... and I work all day... 'sigh'. Thanks for linking to me! Sweet!


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I like the idea. The art is well done, too.

One-liners - New strips on Fridays.

Beautiful work, Michelle.I'm

Beautiful work, Michelle.

I'm afraid I'm one of those die-hard traditionalists who usually finds it difficult to get into comics sporting manga-style adults with far-too-young faces (no, it's not just prejudice, I really have tried!) but with artwork as excellent as yours, it makes the trying all the more worthwhile.

Good luck with Voyage Moyen!

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Thank you!

Thanks David! I truly appreciate it! Shades is amazingly done, and what can I say-getting compliments like that makes me feel much more reassured about putting myself out into the public view...and I think it's great that it's on Graphic Smash now, because the action sequences in Shades are so well done!


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That's a fine looking comic ya got there, Michelle!

Tim Demeter
does a buch of neato stuff.

Reckless Life

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds


Thanks! I love the stuff on Graphic Smash too!Â


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I hope you like Comixpedia!Â


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