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Adventures in the big apple con

So Yesterday I went to the big Apple con, it was a blast like always, I got to talk more to a few artists and shamelessly plugged my comic even during one or two of the panels.
Got to chat with Lori Petty (Aka tank girl), Yvvonne Craig (Bat-girl), Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Plus I got to hang out with Jolie Voltaire as She unveiled her new group of Action Heroes/wrestlers the Doom Maidens.
Which brings me to another announcement, I am going to work on a seperate links page for ACTD so that way I can devote that space to adding all the links of people I promise to link to my comic...and we also avoid that "OMG the PAGE TAKES Too Frelling LONG TO UPLOAD" problem.