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Zortic hits 1000!!!

 Creator of Zortic.Others have done it first, and others will continue to do it, but there’s still something magic about hitting those 4 digit numbers. Today Zortic presents its 1000th official comic! It’s been a long, hectic ride that’s been a ton of fun.

Technically there are a lot more than 1000 comics available. In addition to the 1000 continuing storyline strips there are “director’s cut” added comics, an entire hidden alternate storyline, and a stand-alone introductory storyline for KeenPrime subscribers (now also available in book form from Indy Planet).

So if you haven’t started reading yet, there’s a lot to catch up on. So help celebrate by stopping by and enjoying Zortic now!

Isn't that KeenPremium, not

Isn't that KeenPremium, not KeenPrime (defunct hosting service)?