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The End of The Front

Make Like A Tree ComicsThe Front, the weekly-updating "six issue mini-series" featuring action, robots, alien metal, explosions, teen angst, and abominable snowmen, is wrapping up this October. At the time of this writing, there are four pages left.

In celebration, we at Make Like A Tree Comics are releasing a series of Audio Commentaries featuring thoughts behind the story as well as nitty-gritty stuff like techniques used to draw the comic.

We're also posting pages of notes about the comic in the Make Like A Tree Comics Forum.

And, as a yet another act of celebration, we've posted CBZ files of the first five chapters of The Front on the site. So now you can download the pages and enjoy them offline with your favorite comics reader program. And feel free to distribute them to your friends!

Hey! I remember this comics

The William G's picture

Hey! I remember this comic as being a decent read. It fell off of my radar for some reason though.

Good on yah for doing what you wanted, and doing it well.