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50 "comics" and counting.

Today i went to look over my site, chek that everything was alright, and that i hadn't screwed up some silly bit of code when i noticed i hit 50 today - meaning next week will be the six month anniversary of This is: - and on the one hand, i'm completely surprised i made it this far. I've never done anything of such scale before, or really stuck with anything like this. So far, i haven't missed a single update - heck, when i began i had a month of buffer most of the time. Now, i don't really know what the future of This is: holds.

Its almost becoming a chore - i still love drawing the pictures, pushing my stylistic boundaries - but the day to day mundane efforts of trying to maintain the site, keep the connections up to date and make sure that i haven't completely broken an archive page - they're wearing me down a little.

More than that though, is the wracking my brain trying to write at least halfway funny paragraphs while mentioning other stuff. I'm no writer - why'd i start thing fool thing with mountains of writing!

While i used to be ahead by a month, now i'm struggling to finish the two a week i need - and i used to have to go to school and do homework - now i'm just unemployed and am having troubles while having nothing better to do.

I don't know where it's heading. Once i have the last few connections rounded up, perhaps it's time for another round of seeds. Perhaps it's time to quit worrying about how to connect the Leedun nexus and the Gibbons chain. I don't know. Whatever i wind up doing, hopefully it'll turn out ok.

Also: little side note if you've been reading my previous blog posts about movie editing and comics - it's coming, it's just delayed due to difficulties in research. It's hard finding silent movies to watch in podunk middle-of-nowheres-ville.

Another side note: i've

Another side note: i've decided against writing further on the whole editing thing. The more i looked into it, the more i found it was a interesting way of looking at things, but it didn't really bring anything new and substantial to the 'party'.
This is: how it's all connected.

This is: how it's all connected.