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Jax Epoch Arrives at Graphic Smash, Black Heart Irregulars Returns

Jax Epoch- Quicken Forbidden

Written by Dave Roman, art by John Green

Disappointed with the world around her, teenager Jacqueline "Jax" Epoch was always looking for a way out. She found it the day she accidentally fell through the Realmsend, a passageway into a different dimension. Upon finally returning home she realized that everything that was magic in the other realm had begun leaking into her own, causing her reality to fall apart. And now that a destructive force known as the Quicken has escaped into the NYC sewer system, Jax tries to make up for her past mistakes by using stolen magic to help out in this new world she is responsible for creating ...

Jax Epoch has started on Graphic Smash and this is not a series to be missed, for any age. With it’s youthful protagonist, mysteries, and magic, Jax Epoch is sure to please any fan of great comics, and I imagine people who read those books about the kid with the glasses and the broom may find a lot to enjoy as well.

The Black Heart Irregulars

Written by Neil Hendrick, art by Ulises Carpintero

In an Iraq of the near future, as America’s presence becomes more and more entrenched, elements of American culture have started to seep into the urban landscape of Baghdad. In the green zone, a coffee shop, ubiquitous in the United States, opens up, declaring itself a beacon of change. The proprietor, portraying an image of the American 1950’s caters to a clientele of expatriate contractors, intelligence operatives, and an emerging clique of modern Iraqi youth who are looking beyond Iraq for cultural cues from the world at large. Maybe they just like the chocolate malts. Today, the door is locked, and the proprietor, the mysterious Mr. Fifty, is holding interviews for a very special job position: International Terrorist.

BHI has actually been with Graphic Smash for some time, but it is now officially re-launching, and I couldn’t be happier to see it. BHI takes place in a near future, but in one that seems a little too plausible, making for a tomorrow that could not be more relevant to today. Couple this with fantastic craftsmanship, and hints of the war comics of days gone by and you’ve really got yourself something.

Don’t forget we still have four more news series in the coming weeks!

Oh- and did I mention there’s two more new series joining us after that? More to come…