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Johnny Saturn Print Collections Now Available

The popular webcomic Johnny Saturn (now on Graphic Smash) is now out in full-color comic books. Issues one, two, and three are for sale online.

Johnny Saturn is the tale of a hard-bitten mystery man who must overcome incredible odds to foil the plot of diabolical terrorist, Dr. Horatio Synn. The story avoids traditional formulas and stereotypes, instead veering through odd narrative terrain. Even death itself doesn’t stop Johnny Saturn, and the story careens through heaven, hell, urban blight, and deep into the earth. With a varied cast of characters that includes meta-heroes, angels, demons, cyborgs, mole people, and mythological beings, Johnny Saturn is the best post-modern deconstructionist paranormal superhero crime noir with a mythological flair comic there is.

According to series artist and co-creator Scott Story, “We are thrilled with the printing quality delivered on these. The color is spot on, the paper is good quality, and the double page spreads line up great. We couldn’t be happier with the product.”

Each issue of Johnny Saturn costs 3.50 plus shipping and handling, but you can also purchase all three issues in a combo pack for 10.00, which includes the black & white Johnny Saturn Preview Edition. This is a 13.50 value for 10.00. Also available is the Scott Story Sampler 2005 ($8.00 plus s/h), and the Special Edition Scott Story Sketchbook 2006 ($5.00 plus s/h). These can be purchase independently, or as a combo pack for $10.00 plus s/h. All purchases can be swiftly and conveniently handled by PayPal.