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No Schedule versus Off Schedule

Do you think it is better to have no posting schedule what-so-ever for your comic, or have a schedule you want to try to keep but sometimes don't? I am thinking the former, since at least you're not overpromising, but I wonder what other perspectives are.

I had hoped to make my new comic MWF, but just got a new job tha will make that extremely challenging. So trying to figure out how to adjust things. Thanks for any input.

Of course people do go both ways

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I have a webcomic that updates daily (866 in a row since inception so far) and one that updates "as frequently as several times an evening or as seldom as once or twice a week". The point is, pick a schedule you can stick to, and then stick to it.

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Either scale back temorarily

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Either scale back temorarily to a schedule you can keep, even if it's once weekly for a while, or post goodies besides story pages on the days you just can't get one done. Post something, anything, on the days you say you're going to update. I'm going to start taking my own advice. Innocent


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I opened this subject up to

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I opened this subject up to readers too, and as a contest. I'll consider these comments in the contest to be fair, and let you know if you are the winner (winner gets an original piece of art signed by me, and probably another small pirate-related trinket as well).

Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I can get caught up in December and keep the MWF schedule in 2007, but in the meanwhile I'm not sure.


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It depends. If you care about having an audience, and most people do, it's better to set a schedule and do your best to adhere to it. If not, then do whatever feels right for you.

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 I think readers like regularity. If they know and get used to an update schedule, they'll tend to check back at those times because they know there will be something new to see. Personally, if I am unsure when something will be updated, I check less often. Pretty much without fail, every webcomic with an irregular schedule has fallen off my reading list because I just forget to check them.

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scale it back and just do

scale it back and just do one per week if 3 is too much. No point in setting a schedule you know you can't keep. Don't do a no schedule thing unless you're actually incapable of keeping one, and that should only really happen when you are out of ideas and have no idea when new ones will come up.

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