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Site navigation beta

I thought it worth noting that I'm finally starting to do something about my site navigation. The small link under the normal navigation should now take one to a comic they have not seen. It's still in beta, but if all goes as planned and it seems to work well, i'll probably replace my normal site navigation with it. (With an option to turn it off and use a more 'normal' method of navigation.)

I'll be very interested to see what reactions are when i switch over - next and previous navigation has sort of become a staple of online comics, to the point where any deviation from it seems to be rather frowned upon.

I've been wanting to do something like this for quite a while now. Ever since the first connection went up, i've been wanting to get rid of chronological navigation. Originally, i thought i'd do it by having everything connected - but that presents a special problem. It's been noticed that people use a lot of fingers reading 'choose your own adventure' novels because they want to get the whole thing. They want to read all the endings, middles and beginnings. If all the 'comics' were simply connected, i'd have the same problem - people would have to use too many metaphorical fingers trying to remember what they had and had not seen.

This method also has the added benefit of allowing me to not have to work so feverishly at trying to get the whole thing tied together quickly. I've recently become afraid that because i'm trying too hard to connect things that it's quit being at least mildly humorous.

Any thoughts you have on the subject are most appreciated.