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What's Worse Than Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Jeph JacquesOuch - Jeph Jacques (creator of Questionable Content) had an accident with a knife, severing an artery in his hand.

Here's hoping he heals up quickly (and painlessly!).

Another artist that I know

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Another artist that I know got himself in the hand with a knife, and cut a tendon. He could barely draw for months. This kind of injury just really, really, sucks, but at least you didn't really wreck the hand. Hope ya have a quick recovery, Jeph.

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Cutting Self

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That Jacques, he's so emo.


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One would certainly hope so. Best of luck to you, Jeph.

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Dude, I just had carpal

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Dude, I just had carpal tunnel surgery about a month ago, and that was bad enough. I would say "watch those knives," but I figure he's now figured that out.