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Wonderella, All the World is Waiting For You

Where have all the good heroes gone
And where are all the vaguely Greco-Romanic gods?

Another new series debuts at Graphic Smash today, and it’s not quite like anything else we have. It’s pretty evident why, right from the title, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.

They may be non-adventures, but there’s Nazis, and tanks, and 500 bears and other such staples of ACTION. I can also promise you that Wonderella is the funniest new comic I’ve read in a long time. Fans of Killroy and Tina will recognize the byline, and know that Justin Pierce is no stranger to comedy in his comics, but he’s pulled the cork off with this one. It’s absolutely, unabashedly, hilarious. (Also no worries KnT fans, I’m just making Justin do TWO comics now.)

If you like anything on Adult Swim, (and I know you do) you owe it to yourself to read this comic, which you can totally at Graphic Smash on Saturdays.

It’s a little something different for ya. Luckily, Wonderella is here to save the day from the expected. Though, it’s pretty likely that’s ALL she’ll save.