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Weekend Update

Don't forget to check out Fright Night 8 this Tuesday when we'll post all of the remixed-for-Halloween webcomics.

I want to make sure everyone knows we're allowing folks to comment without registering and/or logging in to see if it increases participation in comment threads. We're also looking for input on what feature stories we should be working on.


I think it would help if you

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I think it would help if you came up with a way to label the photographs you include with these stories where more than one name is included. For example, that photograph is neither me nor Dylan -- I'm guessing it's Mark?


Its in the title tag

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hover your mouse over and you'll see the name of the person in the photo.

I agree I should caption these - so far though I haven't gotten the software/styling to cooperate well with me (I don't want to spend more time formatting the caption than writing the rest of the post!).


Xaviar Xerexes

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