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Cornstalker Official Press Release

The Cornstalker Collective has existed for more than a year or two, but we've finally made it somewhat, kind of, and maybe official. The Cornstalkers are a group of webcomic creators who have drifted together from the chat rooms and posting boards. Most of them are from Comic Genesis, though this has in no way been a requirement and never will be. While other collectives start with a great deal of celebration, this one has been growing almost organically for more than a year; until finally, it has come to fruition as a full collective.

Though the quality of comics on ComicGenesis can vary greatly, many artists on Comic Genesis take their work quite seriously, devoting a great deal of time and energy into creating work that they can proudly share with the world. In the process, many of these artists have discovered something far more important: being part of a community that shares one's interests and goals is one of the best ways to learn and grow. Some members have become lifelong friends along the way.

With this in mind, the site owner Matt "Cortland" Johnson began giving forums to like-minded comic artists, drawing them together under a banner of comraderie and cross-promotion. Since then, the group has snowballed, gaining new members and traffic along the way with such cross promotional tools as its “Cornbox,” a dropdown newsbox with a format similar to what other collectives have used (such as The Nice, for example). A sampler is in the works to promote the Cornstalker comics as well, due out sometime in 2007. Other creative projects, such as Matt "Net" Summers' elaborate forum-based fictions and D.M. "Legostar" Jeftinija's original works, are being featured in the Cornstalker blog alongside news and notes from other collective members.

Though a vast majority of the comics remain with their hosting on Comic Genesis, other hosting services including Keenspot and ComicDish are now hosting Cornstalker comics as well.

The collective officially began on 9/1/06 when numerous Cornstalkers crashed the Fan Expo in Toronto, all sporting t-shirts. During the event, collective members were interviewed by a large puppet;

Cornstalkers crash the expo

Matt Johnson was introduced as the Senior Editor, with Daniel “Teammayhem” Orta and R.L. Peterson as Associate Editors. The other members of the Cornstalker Collective are:

The Cornstalker Collective is compromised of friends that all bring something unique to the table and the wish to grow together as a whole. Check out the hub site at for more details, and come join us on our forums. This is a revolution that you don’t want to miss.