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Comic Pressing!

Apparently there are hundreds of people now using a modified version of the ComicPress Theme forWordPress.

That seems a large enough community that we need a blog to support it: Comic Pressing! It will feature updates to ComicPress as well as the much needed documentation for customizing the theme to your needs. In addition it will have other information useful to those publishing comics on the web or using WordPress. If you are using ComicPress then I suggest you subscribe to the feed. Even if you are not you might find some useful info there if you create Webcomics.

Also I'm looking for some contributors to the blog, those of you that have posted your own code modifications in the ComicPress forum as well as have helped other users of the Theme. Let me know, thanks.

Works for me

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The link works for me


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Congrats! Although it isn't

Congrats! Although it isn't for me, it's great to see this has taken off for you. Although the comic pressing link isn't working for me. Am I the only one having trouble?