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Atomic Comics Hit By Car

Atomic Comics, pretty much a Phoenix AZ area institution that I've been shopping at for more than half my life (I am 32) had a car go through the Mesa location, burst a water pipe, and sort of generally wreck the place. Here's the AZCentral article.

The manager is an awesome guy. The store has been getting increasingly indy-friendly over the years, has been the host of at least one 24 Hour Comic event, and has always been a pleasure to shop in. I sort of surprised myself at how emotional a reaction I had when I read this tonight. I hope the 16 year old girl who did it is okay (the jury still seems out as to whether anything other than a really bad oops moment was involved, according to the article). I hope they can salvage a lot, though it sounds like some irreplacable items were destroyed.

I'm not sure why I felt compelled to come blog this. I guess it was out of respect, for the owner, for the artwork that was destroyed... and maybe as a call to go support your local comic book store, or buy a piece of swag from your favorite webcomic artist, or something to just say thanks to the people that keep our industry churning and make it possible to keep enjoying being a part of comics (reader, writer, creator, whatever).