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November's cover is from Shaenon Garrity, the creator of Narbonic (and several other comics). We will have the first stories for the November issue up this Sunday so check for those on Monday morning.

We have a new sponsor this week - a design competition from the website My Favorite Mirror. We'd also like to thank continuing sponsors, the books, The Physics of Superheroes and An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, the 8 Films to Die For film festival, TBS' Very Funny Ads, and the webcomics Alma Mater, Things Change, A Pirate's Life For Me, O''Deer, I See You, Gunnerkrigg Court, Devil Water, Family Bones, and The Flowfield Unity.



Tastefully Done...

moovok's picture

If anyone does remember Tastefully Done is the nude webcomic calendar which includes the birthdays I asked for not so long ago in an article called Dates the Word! Yep, everyone who gave me their dates of birth have been included with their name and the webcomic they write.

So if you buy it and you posted your name on there, you'll have a calendar that has your birthday so you'll never forgot (though you shouldn't really...) :)