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Treasure Hunt One Now In Progress

The first contest at A Pirate's Life For Me is happenng right now! It's my first Treasure Hunt, and here are the rules:

RULES: Take a look at the photographs from the two Treasure Hunt comics HERE and HERE. Write down every single thing you can see that has to do with pirates. When you get done with your list, you’ll e-mail me that list (please just copy it in the e-mail and send it, rather than sending me attachments). Please be as creative as possible when listing things you think are pirate related - I reward creativity. If there is more than one awesome entry, I will consider adding prizes to the contest.

The second thing is a trivia question, which you have to TRY to answer in order to be eligible to win. “What is the title of the first online comic that I (Iain Hamp) published on the internet?” Just take a stab at it, Google should make it easy enough.

PRIZE: A copy of the card game “LOOT!” by Gamewright (not an official sponsor at all, I just love the game), an original piece of artwork drawn and signed by me, and a surprise additional piece of pirate swag.

Enter by e-mailing me your responses, and putting "Treasure Hunt One" in the topic line of your e-mail.