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Your Tuesday Webcomic Horn-O-Plenty


  • I finally got a copy of Zoinks! - the webcomics zine from publisher Bill Charbonneau (Largely this is my fault as I never asked for one before). The latest issue has a blurb on this year's Fright Night 8 (of which the logo looks decent on paper despite not being optimized for print). The latest news is that Zoinks! is postponing its next issue until April 2007. I don't know the reasons for that, but I can sympathize with how hard it is to keep any kind of zine/blog/magazine/website about webcomics running over the long haul. (It's hard!) Also, I'll try to write a bit about Zoinks itself soon.
  • I may have linked to this before, but in part b/c of some of my own projects I had L33T-speak on the brain. Writer Response Theory reviewed a couple of books written in, if not exactly L33t-lingo, it's close cousin, Text Message-text. My own sense is that treating this as a legitimate dialect is fundamentally flawed as it is probably already well into self-parody status and therefore is probably best used only for parody or other humorous purposes. Thoughts from you?




The current format of

The current format of Zoinks! is 15" tabloid newspaper.

It's a common format for weekly arts & entertainment newspapers in many major cities, as well as student newspapers.

The primary reason for the newspaper format, aside from the familiarty of it from having published a city newspaper at the same format some years back, was cost (about 1/3 the comic book price) and speed of printing.

Comic books can take several days, even weeks to print (problems do arise) where the newspaper format is printed overnight. This time gave us the opportunity to make some of the content a little fresher than if it was printed two or three weeks prior. It also allowed us to get last minute advertising squeezed in minutes before going to print.

To clarify things, because word of the comic book format was NOT supposed to go public until we can confirm the sponsorship dollars, the reason for the format change is to simply take up less space comic book shops. Organizing and producing a comic book with 32-40 pages is an entirely different beast than a small 16-20 page tabloid newspaper.

If we are unable to secure the proper sponsorship needed, you can bet Zoinks! will be returning in it's current newspaper format. But completely overhauled with more pages and content.

The target is end of March 2007 (April issue), look for an OFFICIAL announcement in January 2007.

The reason we're postponing

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The reason we're postponing the next issue of Zoinks! is because we're ditching the newspaper format and moving to a more "comic-book-like" format, PLUS we're looking to add some brick-and-mortar retail locations for the 'zine.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the 'zine!

Nathaniel Payne (DoctorSetebos)

Writer - Zoinks! Magazine

Artist - Evil Avatar Comics

Zoinks! Magazine contributing writer

Evil Avatar Webcomics artist


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That's a good idea. Without getting to the substance of Zoinks! yet I do think it'll look much better as in a "magazine" format (or comic book) than it's current "student newspaper/zine" format.


Xaviar Xerexes

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I secong your suggestion.

I second your suggestion. I like the idea of a magazine style Zoinks!


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