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Comix Talk for Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Okay - who watched The Walking Dead season 2 premiere?  I did, I liked it.  Pretty gripping stuff.  But shouldn't these people be a little bit more worried about getting zombie fluids, like BLOOD, all over them?  Also next episode spoiler: ZOMBIE DEER!!!!

INTERVIEW: The Varsity has an interview with Daniel Clowes on his new comic The Death Ray.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, GO!!!:  OH MAH GLOCHESTER - the Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses blog is brillant.  It's like the sunglasses in They Live -- once you see the turtles, they're everywhere! And I'm all out of bubblegum.  And turtle soup too. 

LOOOOVED IT: The Tartan writes up the imminent end to the MS Paint Adventures story "Homestuck."  They loooved it.

CONVENTION 'VENTION, WHAT'S MY... WHATEVER: Gary "Mr. Fleen" Tyrrell talks to MANY webcomic folks at the NY Comicon and you can read it right here. Also, entry #1001 in another convention I did not go to... Don't CRY for me I'm at the cantina...  Also saw that The Beat reported the convention had 100,000+ attendees.  Yowza!  And Tom Spurgeon rounds up more stories from the con.  And links to everything written about it EVERYWEAR.

BIZNESS IS GOUDA: Robot6 links to Colleen Doran's post on the success of serializing online her A Distant Soil comic,  “my bottom line is up significantly, and my online audience is ten times higher than when I started the five day a week online serialization of A Distant Soil 2.5 years ago.” (h/t Robots 6, 7 and 8).

LUCKY NUMBERS: Art Patient picks four webcomic winners.

ALSO: J Pop America Fun Time GO!!!

State of Reading Webcomics

Time for another check on the state of reading webcomics -- that is, how do you find, track and read webcomics these days (here's a link to last year's post).  Here's some options I'm aware of -- let us know what you think and whether we need to add anything.

1.  RSS Feeds.  This is probably one of the most popular methods of tracking and reading webcomics.  With a web-based reader like Google Reader you can collect RSS feeds for webcomics and read them right in Google Reader.  Because they are RSS feeds, you get a feed that updates when the webcomic updates.  This is my primary approach this year.  Downsides for me are that it doesn't offer great organization tools (you can organize feeds into folders but that's about as much as I can make Google Reader do) and doesn't really help with discovering new work.

2.  A site that has a big list of webcomics.  You can set up an account, pick the webcomics you want to follow and it gives you a list of the comics that have updated.  Nice site but it's owner doesn't seem interested in adding to it or improving it. It has a goofy categorization system. I think there's lots of ways you could use this data to try and help readers find more webcomics to discover.

3.  Ink Outbreak (  I still don't quite completely get this one but with an account you can create your own list of webcomics to read and it gives you a thin frame at the top of your browser to navigate through your list of webcomics with the site.

4.  Comic Domination ( Okay, I know nothing about this one - it just came up on a google search.

5.  The Webcomic List ( Kind of old school but also lets you set up on your account a list of webcomics to read.  It lets you know when they've updated. Also has a pretty active forum community.

Also I remember something called Serializer or something like that from earlier this year but I can't find it now.


Comix Talk for the New World

Happy binary day? 10/11/11 comes only once... a century?  Next month - 11/11/11!

If you've been online at all since the passing of Steve Jobs you've seen all kinds of tributes and stories, including comics, about it. I really liked Scott Kurtz's comic touching on it, if only because for the character of Brent, Apple is such a huge touchstone for him and it would be weird not to see that character react to this real life event.

Also, I09 reports that MTV is releasing all of its Liquid Television series of animated shorts to the web. These were crazy, innovative stuff that it will be good to see again (and maybe find a new audience online).

INTERVIEWS: The Daily Cross Hatch posts the first part of an interview with Dave Roman creator of Astronaut Academy and co-creator of Teen Boat and the Comic Alliance podcast interviews Erika Moen and Jeff Parker about their webcomic Bucko.

REVIEWComics Worth Reading reviews the second print collection of Galaxion, Tara Tallon's science fiction webcomic.

FLEEN FLAGS FOLKS: Fleen lists creators exhibiting at the New York Comic Con coming this week, including Chris Hastings, Brad Guigar (Evil, Inc); Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal); Ramon Perez (Kukuburi); Evan Dahm; and a whole bunch more.  Also, Peter Donahue (Pear Pear) blogged he'll be at the convention this year.  And The Beat has maps and other graphical information tidbits.

Yo Adrian!

Happy Europe Meets America Day?  If you've never read Charles Mann's 1491 and 1493 books btw they are a really interesting, well researched look at the Americas before and after the collision with Europe.


Danny Limor wrote asking us to check out his webcomic Neutron City Comix. He describes it as a humorous strip about a group of nerds who work in a comic book store -- the characters are all completely aware of the fact that they are in a comic strip to the point where I am a regular character in the comic with whom the other characters interact.  That looks about right -- it's a fairly cute strip with a lot of geek culture jokes, and kid-friendly as far as I can tell.

Gary Fetters' webcomic Hamster Tails is about kids, a hamster (of course) and  a couple of superheroes thrown in for good measure.  It's a newspaper style comic and looks to be pretty consistently G-rated.

Comix Talk for Friday, September 7, 2011

Awhile back we reviewed a comic book from the UK collective, Whores of Mensa -- well they're back with a new project, The Strumpet, which will include UK and US artists.  This time they're running a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of the first issue - they are already more than a 1/3 of the way there so check out the project and contributing artists, including Patrice Aggs, Jeremy Day, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Kripa Joshi, Megan Kelso, Ellen Lindner, Mardou, Tanya Meditzky, Lucy Sweet, plus special surprise guests.

REVIEW: Forbidden Planet reviews James Turner's new all ages book, Super Animal Adventures.

MAKE A WISH:  Thanks to Tim Rocks for sending us a copy of his mini-comic, Peter Moss: The Kid Who Has Adventures.  It's about a dude misdiagnosed with a terminal illness... let the comedy hijinks ensue? I'm torn in trying to describe it -- it didn't really click for me, but Rocks has some talent. I wish he'd post the thing as a webcomic so he could get a lot more feedback faster.  

HOW MUCH FOR ONE RIB:  Ray Hayden's new graphic novel Agatha Crup and the Legend of The Olin, launches October 31st.  In Hebrew folklore, Adam had a wife before God made Eve from his rib -- her name was Lilith.  Supernatural character Agatha Crup secretly works against the destructive force of Lilith and her demon army. Lilith returns on "All Hallows Eve" when the dead walk the earth and unleashes an incurable mutating disease spread by genetically modified foods and animals that infects men. The widespread infection radically changes the world as we know it putting women firmly in control.

One Full Year of Chris Cantrell's The Deadlys

Just in time for Halloween, the spooky and hilarious comic The Deadlys turns one year old! To celebrate, creator Chris Cantrell is holding contests and offering special content during the month of October.  He's kicked off things with a special Halloween story.

Final Issue of In Maps & Legends

The ninth and final issue of IN MAPS & LEGENDS, a digital-only comic illustrated by Niki Smith and written by Michael Jasper, is now available.  The comic which began life in 2009 on the now defunct DC Comics webcomic label, Zuda Comics, and then went independent, reaches its explosive, mind-bending conclusion after 200 pages.  A collected digital version of all nine issue launches next week on October 12th.

In Maps & Legends mixes together urban fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk.  Thanks to her grandfather, Kaitlin Grayson knows maps and legends. But Kait never would've dreamed that she would one day attempt to save two worlds at the same time, becoming both a map and a legend in the explosive conclusion to this storyline. You can read a free preview of Issue 1.

Congrats to Jennie Breeden and Obby

Congrats to Jennie Breeden (she gave the engagement away in a video blog awhile ago but here it is in comic form)!

Comix Talk for Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I don't read MTV Geek regularly so I kind of lost track of it but Sean Kleefeld is up to 31 installments in his column on webcomics over there.  As the kids don't actually say anymore, "props" for a nice run there "holmes".

WE NEVER CLOSE: How many folks won at 24 Hour Comic Day this year?  Well not me, that's for sure.  Check out Derik Badman's effort here (while he says he's not happy with it, it's interesting nevertheless) and ComicAlliance has a round-up of more of the day's activities.

FRIGHT NIGHT: Robot6 links to Emily Carroll's new scary webcomic Margot’s Room (last year Carroll debuted His Face All Red).

BOOK 'EM DANNO: I had no idea, but apparently Dick Tracey has undergone a soft reboot this year with a new writer and artist.  The art reminds me of Funky Wienerbean actually.

EVERYBODY WAS ART FIGHTIN': Super Art Fight returns to Washington DC in November -- the fight takes place 11/5/11 at The Red Palace.

The Wormworld Saga on the iPad

The iPad app for the digital comic Daniel Lieske's The Wormworld Saga is now available for free in the iTunes App Store. An Android tablet version is currently in development. The Wormworld Saga is an episodic graphic novel designed for tablets. Unlike traditional graphic novels, each chapter is digitally painted on a seemingly infinite canvas, providing an immersive reading experience that draws the reader right into a fully realized fantasy world.

The Wormworld Saga follows the life and adventures of Jonas Berg, who at a young age enters a parallel world through a forgotten painting in a dusty attic.  “Inside the Wormworld, Jonas finds indescribable wonders, new friend, love and hate, good and evil and he reveals his family legacy, which makes him become a central figure in an epic conflict that shakes the Wormworld and drives it to the brink of it’s destruction” says Daniel Lieske.

Produced by digital publisher Robot Media, the app for The Wormworld Saga allows readers to experience it the way it was meant to be read: the app provides better image quality and scrolling performance than the web version, and uses a seamless touch interface for reading.  Keeping with the spirit of the web edition, the app itself and the main narrative are available to everyone for free.