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Entertainment Weekly to Cover Comics Regularly

Here's an interview with the editor of the new Comics section of Entertainment Weekly debuting February 17th. I see little chance for webcomic coverage there given the editor's seeming focus on movie adaptations of comic book characters but I suppose any mainstream coverage of comics is a redeeming thing for the overall medium. Moreover, if EW is really committed to coverage of comics they may find increasing reasons to notice webcomics lest they be forced to fill the section solely with coverage of superheroes and Ziggy.

Girlamatic is Coming in March

Girlamatic has already raised its share of controversy. Now it's nearing it's launch date as the newest subscription site of Modern Tales. Before it launches, check out the work of three artists who will have comics on the site:

Bite Me by Dylan Meconis;

Return to Sender by Vera Brosgol; and

Strings of Fate by Jen Wang.

Webcomic Automation Systems

In our continuing search for the ultimate in webcomic automation systems, we bring you links to several not-quite-there-yet open source projects. Some require access to a MySQL database and other do not - this is obviously a key consideration if your host does not provide you with access to a MySQL database with your account. The three we review today do not require MySQL databases.

Searchable Webcomic Dialogue

A major advantage to serial strips from publication on the web is the immediate availability of the entire archives on the site, freeing the strip from the useless "recap" panels seemingly required in all non-gag comic strips published in newspapers.

Most sites have archived their strips with various means to find specific comics via dates and storylines. Another useful tool that is not as commonly available is to make the text of the archived comics searchable. Apparently Sluggy Freelance's horde of fans recently completed the work necessary to make the entire Sluggy archives searchable by character and their dialogue. For example, Keanau Reeves has nothing on lead character Torg who has said "whoa" twelve times in the archives.

Christopher Baldwin and Indigo Kelleigh at Portland Convention

Christopher Baldwin of Bruno and Indigo Kelleigh of The Circle Weave will be sharing a table at a comics convention held at the Portland Memorial Coliseum in the Rose Quarter on Feb 23, 10AM - 5PM. (that's in Portland, Oregon, not Maine)

Like a Pseudo-Interview of Chris Crosby, Keenspot CEO

Try to ignore the beginning of this thread (something about keenspot being a clique or, well it's just not very clear what point is being made) and jump here (about half way down the page) to where Chris Crosby spends a lot of time answering some good questions about Keenspot, Keenspace and why he didn't start a site called Pornspot! And than jump here (again part of the way down) where Chris addresses some criticisms about some infrequently updating comics on Keenspot.

Chris also lays out exactly what Keenspot is looking for in its next webcomic:

Oh, we're looking for strips about two straight mutant elephants living on an alternate universe version of Mars colonized by gay mutant elephants in 1952. And it must be drawn in a manga-style. And be about PS2 and XBOX gaming. And a pure-blood Native American cartoonist has to draw it.

Ozy & Millie Off Keenspot?

Right now, the details on this are still fuzzy, but the award winning Ozy & Millie has switched from host/syndicate Keenspot to Glass Wings. Glass Wings sponsors a section called Sequential Squiggles which hosts among other webcomics, Ozy & Millie and Freefall.

Rip & Teri Free Preview

Check out a free preview of Rip & Teri, one of AdventureStrips's fine comic products.

Why Isn't My Brand New Webcomic Getting the Sluggy-size Audience it Deserves?

Clay Shirky, weblog A-list type guy, has a post up about how the distribution of attention/money/etc in a system where there is maximum consumer choice and relatively low-cost entry for producers is a power law.

Small Press Interview with Chris Cantrell

A good interview with Chris Cantrell, a relative newcomer to webcomics who draws Asylumantics.