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We’ve set up some handy link lists for you way down on the front page (scroll on down after reading this). On the left is the “webcomicland” list of links which is created entirely out of sites that blogroll Comixpedia. A paltry few so far. Blogrolling is a free service (well you can splurge for the upgrade but its not necessary for this) so what are you waiting for? Second, on the right, I’m updating our list of news and commentary sites on comics – won’t you help by sending us some suggestions? Continue Reading


AP Furtado’s TWEEN returns to the web

TWEEN is back and showing off its new digs at Starting this Friday May 16th and every Friday after that TWEEN will be spreading joy and much love throughout the webcomics landscape once again! The “BAD MOJO” saga will pick up right where it left off seven months ago. Sheesh! Seven months ago!?

All the old strips are resting comfortably in the archives so stop by early and get your selves caught up! Don’t forget…a new episode starts this Friday! Continue Reading