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Pimp up my comic!

After reading my archives and always being mad at George Lucas

its correct to fix old strips in our archives?

In my case I dont like my earlier comics, I didnt know how to speak and write english well (sorry to not having being born at the Usa)

Or just keep them to see the how the comic evolved.

Re: Pimp up my comic!

I totally second hunting_town. Spelling and translation mistakes pull you out of the story. So it's better not to leave them. Of course, there's the possibility that your English skills get even better than they are now, and you'll keep correcting old translations forever. Don't do it too much! Even more so for the art: As long as it's clearly readable, there's no need to change it. I've only had a glimpse at the early strips, but they definitely pass the test.

Re: Pimp up my comic!

no no, you should totally change any spelling errors, after all the comic is for the reader. so they have to have an idea whats going on. Although you shouldn't touch up the artwork in my opinion, I love looking back at early webcomics and even drawings of my own to see how far i've come.

I don't think anybody would

Gordon McAlpin's picture

I don't think anybody would argue with you fixing grammatical or spelling errors.

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